H O N D A    C L 3 5 0   H I S T O R Y

Honda introduced the 350 scrambler with this single 8.5 x 11" color page in 1968.  This pre-production brochure was prepared using a prototype aided by an artist and airbrush (note Honda's qualifier "All specifications subject to change without notice" at bottom).  In fact, there were several changes between this image and the export USA production run.  Instead of black finish, as shown, the headlight brackets (at top of forks) were painted to match the color portion of the tank. A different front fender, lacking braces but with a sharp cut front edge as shown, was used.  The point cover on production models was embossed to read "TYPE-1", and the 350 emblems on the air cleaner covers were fabricated of enameled metal, with only the numerals "350" (the brochure shows an applied emblem, perhaps just a painting, with a small encircled Honda wing). Although the brochure below shows two separate chromed exhaust pipes exiting the muffler, the production models had two unplated exhaust pipes enclosed in a single chromed surround. The production CL350K0 also had both a center stand and a silver-painted side stand. 

1968 CL350K0 single page brochure

Although the the interior was printed entirely in black & white, the 1968 CL350K0 owners manual for USA export models depicted the scrambler as it was actually manufactured. (below - note exhaust)  

1968 CL350K0 owners manual  

Honda's 6 x 9" full-line brochure for 1968 listed the CL350 as available in candy blue, candy red, and orange (see abbreviated chart below).  Although the new 350's were designed to replace the venerable 305's, in 1968 Honda offered both side by side in brochures and on showroom floors. A painting inside the brochure shows the CL350K0 (with the production fender) against a background Grand Prix scene reinforcing the promotional text: "During 1967 Honda won twice as many world championships as any other make, and Honda has continued its winning ways both in motorcycles and on the Formula 1 and Formula II Grand Prix autumobile racing circuits as well.  No other motorcycle manufacturer in the world has as impressive a record, on all counts."

1968 color availability (abbreviated chart)
CL350K0 painting in 1968 brochure

The 1968 full line brochure (below)  illustrated the CL350K0 in candy blue.  The image used was a photograph of an actual motorcycle from the USA export model production run. Note the many closely spaced "extra" spoke holes in the front and rear wheel hubs.  Only K0 and K1 hubs look like this. The non-functional drillings were eliminated on later models (beginning with the K2 introduced in the USA in 1970).
CL350K0 in 1968 full line brochure

The photo below, from a 4-page brochure printed in Japan in 1968 shows the USA production model CL350K0 in candy red and white. It is useful for authenticating details of surviving originals or restored motorcycles.  Click here to see the complete 4-page brochure.

1968 USA production model CL350K0  


For late Sixties vintage Honda fans, especially those interested in the first 350 scrambler (and vintage sideburns), one the most interesting period publications is the Spring 1969 Road Test's Quarterly Honda Sport Cycle, which features the CL350K0 in color on the cover.  (Click on the image to view the complete CL350 article).  

1969 Honda Sport Cycle cover

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