H O N D A   C B 4 5 0   H I S T O R Y

The 5-speed CB450K1 was sold in the US in 1968 and into 1969. CB450K1 USA-models were fitted with a seat with white piping and rough alligator-like textured black vinyl. The restyled tank was introduced in response to initial negative public reception of the "bomber" tank. The K1's new styling was also intended help publicize the fact that this was truly a new machine, with many engineering improvements (including 5-speed transmission) as well as cosmetic updates.  

The example below, serial number CB4503004302, was imported to the US in November 1968 and originally titled in California as a 1969 model.  It is correct for the USA model CB450K1, including  Honda factory-original seat, paint, chrome, dynamo cover, tank emblems, and tires (Dunlop 3.50x18 K70 rear and Dunlop 3.25x18 ribbed front).  The only modification is the swing-out kickstarter, which was first introduced on the K3. 

  CB450K1 USA model

CB450K1 USA 1968-69 MODEL factory-original paint, seat, exhausts..